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AI Discovery Workshop (1 day)

Our expert team will offer an overview of the application of current AI technologies.

In a workshop we will be identifying the most relevant opportunities offered from AI technology in a close collaboration. The participants will get more familiar with the possibilities of AI. We bring you closer to a project that Devoteam can offer. Together with you, we generate a structured approach to generate ideas and opportunities based on a better understanding of your business.


  • Identify opportunities for application in your context

  • A structured exploration of the relevant touchpoints with your business

Key activities

Whiteboard sessions with breakouts

Light presentations

  • Basic AI understanding

  • Success drivers

  • State of data assessment


AI Dis​covery

Brief history of AI, demystification, what can be achieved today

  • ML and its place in AI

  • Basic ML process: model training / prediction

  • Simple demos on ready-to-use APIs : Google Cloud Vision API, Natural Language API, Speech-to-text API, Text-to-speech API, etc.

Use cases & discussions

We talk about what the customer does, what its competitors do and what is possible to achieve

  • Use cases identification and discussions about how feasible it is to make a prototype of these use cases

  • Together with the clients we find opportunities to the data in a intelligent way and thus create new use cases. In this context, we identify bottlenecks and set priorities.

  • Discussions about the next steps (use case selection, data preparation, AI Plan Workshop, etc.)

The next phases