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AI Lab Workshop (1 - 3 days)

This lab is to show employees the exciting things AI can do and find opportunities from to bottom up.

Description of the AI Lab Workshop

The first half of the day our expert team will show the capabilities of current AI technology. In addition, employees will have the opportunities to play with state of the art AI models. This interactive session will effect in a better understanding of AI and its potential for your company. The last part of the day we will be identifying the most relevant opportunities offered from AI technology. In this whiteboard sessions with breakouts employees will collaborate to find relevant touchpoints with your business.


  • Deep dive for experts

  • Creates confidence on new technology

    • Address fears and concerns

  • Learn how to be productive

  • Fill specific knowledge gaps

  • Understand new innovative tools / frameworks and approaches

Key activities

Technology education (in-depth familiarity)
Train models on open datasets (Vision/NLP/Speech): explanations of how it works: we use framework (Keras / Tensorflow / etc.) to code an algorithm that trains a model. (Colabatory)

  • Well prepared toy projects

  • Confident

  • Capability

Whiteboard sessions with breakouts
Exploration of the relevant touchpoints with your technical background.


  • Team-building event

  • Certification

Other phases