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Natural Interactions

Everyone could be an expert


“Introduce easy, natural and interactive pathways to find and access information.”


Access to existing information systems is increasingly frustrating for both customers and employees. This is due to the complexity in dealing with these systems, the multitude of systems that need to be interacted with, uncertainty on where information can be retrieved, the magnitude of the amount of information that needs to be processed to find the relevant information, and unclear presentation of the outputs. In addition, these systems are not always available around the clock, and due to the varying ways in which an answer can be found and represented, there may be uncertainty about the outcome.

Solution and benefits


In essence, we unlock limitations of (working with) existing information systems by abstracting away the interactions between systems and the user, thereby broadening possibilities for query formulation and making the process more natural and interactive, also enabling fast and effective lookups through vast amounts of data and databases, and finally presenting the results in a clear and condensed manner.

By abstracting information systems from users and having them interact through a natural language interface (for example through a chatbot) query formulation is made easier, the information is more accessible, and various ways of asking the same question will lead to the expected result or process being performed. In addition, through a cognitive search mode a lot of information can be processed at the same time – which can be in a structured way such as through text, but can also be done with imagery, video, and speech or sound search, thereby structuring unstructured data.

Furthermore, responses are near-instantaneous, leading to not only 24/7 365 information system accessibility with deeper and broader access to the complete information set wherever it is at the firm, but also directly and in an enjoyable interactive way to increase user involvement. This leads to increase service quality, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty. The more interactive way in which a customer can interact through AI-infused information systems implies an increased user involvement, and increased efficiency in doing so.

In a similar fashion, employees are unburdened from repetitive tasks, leading to lower resource requirements and thereby costs for the company on the one hand, also allowing customer-oriented personnel to focus on margin-increasing and revenue-increasing activities. Thereby we also achieve increased employee job satisfaction and reduced churn, as there is more time for interesting and creative work and complex-problem resolution to improve business process execution.

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