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Skill Recommendation Engine

AI-powered HR Use Case: Skills Recommendation Engine (SRE)

In a world permeated by big data your business needs to be data-driven and evidence based. This is considered as the prerequisite to evolve with the redefinition of individual tasks driven by automation. A good workforce is key to success. Managing it becomes increasingly difficult facing the complexity of data represented by your resources’ qualification.

Analyze, Broaden and Empower your view on professional skills!

The Skills Recommendation Engine (SRE) enables you to make better, faster and more cost-effective decisions based on AI.


SRE helps you to


the requirements of your



the skill-set

of your talents


the efficiency of your resource mapping

Let the power of AI enable you to manage the intelligent knowledge extraction of data and use our Skills Recommendation Engine to push your resourcing strategy towards a new level.


Gather the big picture of skills and their possible correlation to each other to make a sound decision considering your resources. Foresee the development of expert profiles and strategically align your portfolio with the expertise of your talents.


Obtain both a global overview of your talent pool and a detailed insight into the skill-sets of your expert-areas in order to increase the value of your employees and enlarge the range of potential projects.


Expand your view on resource assignments and optimize your resource capacity while increasing the satisfaction with the right matches.

No matter where you are

on your business journey, Devoteam can support you with AI-powered solutions.