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“Integrate automatically suggested courses of actions for tasks, using the entire worker community wisdom.”


Repetitive administrative tasks & decisions consume attention every day. Some decisions are merely ballast and contribute no real value, others are even worse, and are associated with risk when not carried out with high accuracy. The resulting cognitive load detracts from real value adding activities. This load is further increased by when participants are also forced into continuously learning, such as evolving ‘category or codes lists’. The cumulative burden stands in the way of scale and could even impact work motivation.

Just imagine the incoming flow of customer service requests, every request needs to be read, just to categorize it and to assign it to the right service agent, for follow-up. While this qualification and routing is often a simple task, it means that every request is read twice.

What if your company grows, and you receive thousands of requests per hour?

In our increasingly digital world there is a growing number of relevant channels that needs to be monitored for relevant information. It is becoming difficult to read publication, internal notes, memos or reports, to summarise key content and to decide whether to follow-up or not. Additionally it is easy to miss important signals because of data-overload.

Rarely practiced activities (or decisions) are hard to learn for any individual. After all: “practice makes perfect”. However, an activity may not be rare in a company as a whole, it may just land with different persons most of the time.

Humans learn very fast, while algorithms take hours to learn very basic things. But humans performs very slowly and inaccurately at boring (low cognitive demanding, repetitive) tasks. Humans don’t feel happy with processing large amount of information, even if this is required to take objective decisions.

  • Information overload. Slow humans do manual work.

  • Human error-prone

  • Boring work

  • Non-scalable

  • Expensive

  • Slow response

Boost decision-making by providing businesses with fast, smart, high quality data services


Finally, business processes that do not fully utilise the abilities of technology to leverage production and/or delivery of services are implicitly limited by human limitations on information processing. Given the ever-increasing amount of data that employees need to deal with in combination with their relatively limited information processing abilities, they often suffer from information overload. As a result it is relatively difficult to scale and rapidly grow a business.


Organisations can scale more effectively by capturing tacit knowledge in automated information processing workflows through machine learning elements. Through the power of machine learning this tacit knowledge is continuously captured and added to existing business process automation. By depending less on human resources, businesses can devote more of their activities to increasing market share and revenue-seeking activities. Also, as tacit knowledge is captured, organisations can grow much faster than organically, relying on easily scalable, high throughput, predictable technology. Thereby taking advantage of the flexibility and intelligence of the employee, whilst leveraging the speed and processing capacity of AI.

Algorithms are extremely fast at processing large amount of information, and can naturally scale to process thousands of human-tedious tasks in parallel. We provide digital support to build solutions with you, that learn from your expertise to help you making relevant and objective decisions – at scale – and based on a (quality) holistic vision across the available information. Also, we encourage humans to stay in the loop: it helps the algorithm to learn continuously so it can perform better and better.

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