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Test Solution - and Beyond

Enterprise software must meet the highest demands according to quality and reliability of systems and system components. Time-to-market is constantly decreasing and the underlying IT infrastructures become more and more complex.

Therefore, only enterprises that test their applications properly are able to reduce business risks and to ensure both greater stability and business continuity. Thus, Quality counts!
By leveraging Devoteams software test management, software test automation tools and methodologies enterprises are able to
gain business advantages. Bugs can be detected earlier and can be corrected at any stage of the software life cycle. The earlier the better!

"The used testing tools have to be adapted optimally to the enterprise processes and methods. A systematic testing methodology ensures that the correct and relevant test cases are considered."

Thilo Lauer

Solution Architect

Customer Benefits

Devoteam's TTCN testing solution contain our comprehensive TTCN 3 Toolbox, our state-of-the-art TTCN 3 compiler and a wide range of highly automated test cases tailored to customer specific needs and complemented by a wide range of testing services. The testing suite is designed to provide our customers with innovative and leading testing best practices, such as software development, system integration, system and service testing.

  • Cut back of customers testing investments through highly standardized test component interfaces

  • Faster test system development to ensure higher quality and reliability and shorter time to market

  • Highly automated regression testing capabilities to increase client’s product quality by leveraging available TTCN-3 test suites for UMTS, LTE, 5G, and beyond and for the upcoming Smart Grid, M2M, and Internet of Things technologies.

  • Improved testing productivity - through the use of standardized TTCN-3 technology components (test language, codec, logging, test campaign management, distributed test run support) by using TTCN-3 as a platform-independent technology on Windows, Linux, etc. and by sharing test suite development and approval across teams, organizations and companies.

Our value propositions


Devoteam's TTCN-3 Toolbox
our flexible, easy to integrate and highly performing TTCN-3 test suite is used by leading multi-protocol and mobile test system vendors. It supports ASN.1, XSD, XML as well as the standardized TCI and TRI interfaces and has an Eclipse-based graphical user interface.

TTCN-3 Testing Solutions

are proven to test protocols, services, APIs and software modules etc. in the fields of interoperability / internetworking, robustness, performance, regression, system and system integration in industries, such as Telecommunications, Automotive, and Utilities. It distinguishes by its open, flexible and extensible design established upon our long term experiences of more than two Decades of TTCN tool development.

Test automation and customized TTCN-3 based solutions

for highly sophisticated test automation challenges, such as voice mailbox announcement testing – using TTCN-3 and speech recognition and 24/7 end-to-end testing of smart phones, IP-TV set top boxes, etc. from a consumers perspective – using TTCN-3 and image recognition.


TTCN - Testing Services

TTCN test suite / test case and codec development, TTCN-3 in-house trainings (2-3 days) and TTCN-3 Toolbox support - our flexible, easy to integrate and high performing TTCN-3 compiler. We still support TTCN2 test solutions, using the previous language edition TTCN2++ together with ASN.1 and ASN.1 Ellipsis (…) support.